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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm back... did you miss me?

Hi all,
   Sorry about not keeping up with the website, but I have a great excuse...
   Just after my last post, I decided to go on a 3 hour tour. Fortunately, there was no storm and the tiny ship wasn't tossed. Unfortunately, we were boarded I got kidnapped by Somalian pirates. I would have blogged about that but they had no access to the interweb. After months went by and they realized no one was going to pay any ransom for me, they released me. As fate would have it, they let me go in the middle of the Great Big Desert. After months of wandering in the wilderness with no food or water (and no sense of direction) I finally made it back to civilization - where I immediately slipped into a coma.
   (You can't make this stuff up...because I already have).
After months of hovering near death, I finally came out of my coma. I know I should have gotten right back to the website at that point, and I would have but I was suffering from an acute case of amnesia. I knew I was someone, but I didn't know who. I finally recovered my memory (and remembered that I wasn't someone). It happened like this...
   I was surfing around on the web and quite accidently, came upon the "" website and the memories came flooding back. I was finally cured, as good as new.
I know I should have started blogging right away at that point but I didn't have anything to write about.
   So now here I am, settled back into my old life and things are back to normal again. It's good to be back, but sometimes late at night when I hear the hungry howl of the wolves and smell the aroma of sand, I get a bit nostalgic and miss the Great Big Desert.

I'll be back soon with more lies,

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